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A Christian Education Conference for everyone!

The public education system has never been more hostile to the Christian worldview than it is right now. Our public schools teach that evil is to be considered good, and good evil. Parents are told that they should, "...just trust the professionals," while their authority over their child's education is repeatedly denied by the institutions that claim to serve them. What are parents to do?


We invite you to join our Kamloops Christian Education Conference. This year's guest speakers will expose the incredible dangers of the public education system, and they will present alternatives that are not only safe for your children, but God's intention for your home and the key to His blessing. 


Featuring guest speakers Paul Dirks, André Schutten, Dr. John Patrick, Hester VanBraeden, Joshua Claycamp, Dustin Savage, and many others, we invite you to learn more about God's design and intention for education and God's desire for parents to be the educators of their children. Learn about Christian Education, Classical Education, and Homeschooling through lectures, panel discussion, and Q&A sessions. Be equipped to consider which path of education is best for your child. Network with other Homeschooling families. Get tips and tricks from classical classroom teachers about how to teach classical subjects in a homeschool environment. We've also invited Christian publishing vendors from around the country to present their homeschooling and education curriculum for you to sample., so you can get a head start on purchasing curriculum for next year.

This in-person gathering will take place at First Baptist Church & Classical Academy at 454 Columbia Street, Kamloops, BC,  from Thursday May 9th, to Saturday, May 11th, 2024.

Guest Speakers


“For thus the Lord said to me: 'Go, set a watchman; let him announce what he sees.'” Isaiah 21:6

This year's theme is devoted to the dire need for a thoroughly Christian Education. As a result, we have invited speakers this year to serve our community as Watchmen, telling us of the danger that they see ahead in the public education system. They are thoroughly experienced, devoted, and passionate.


Conference Schedule

Thursday, May 9
  • 5:30 PM  Doors Open: Registration Begins & Bookstore Open

  • 7:00 PM  Opening Session

    • Welcome & Announcements

    • "Strange New World: How the Ideas of the Past are Transforming Law & Education Policy Today" with Andre Schutten 

    • "The Liturgy of Immorality in Public Education" with Paul Dirks

  • 9:15 PM  Q&A with Paul & Andre​

Friday, May 10


  • 8:30 AM - Worship with First Baptist Classical Academy

    • 9:00 AM - School Tours Begin                                     To sign up for a school tour, please contact   the office by phone or email

  • 11:30 - 2:00 PM - Break for Lunch ​


  • 2:00 - 4:30 PM - Homeschool Workshops & Bookstore Open 

    • Ice Cream Social & bouncy house!

    • Breakout Sessions & Workshops.                                For a Complete List of Break-Out Sessions & Workshops, click here.


  • 6:30 PM - Doors Open, Bookstore Open

  • 7:00 PM - Main Session​

    • "Why there are no Hittites in New York" by Dr. John Patrick

    • "There is No Neutral Ground: The dogmatic Assumptions in Public Education", with            Andre Schutten​

  • 9:00 PM - Q&A with Paul, Andre, & Hester

Saturday, May 11
  • 8:30 AM - Doors Open, Bookstore Open

  • 9:00 AM - Main Session

    • "The Benefits of a School Education from a Homeschooler" with James Casson​

    • "The Advantages of Classical Education" with Dustin Savage

  • 10:30 AM - Break with Coffee & Pastry​

  • 11:00 AM - Main Session

    • "Revolting Against Design" with Paul Dirks​

  • 12:00 PM - Prayer & Dismissal​


Join us at First Baptist Church for this year's Watchmen Conference. Located in the heart of downtown Kamloops within easy walking distance of a number of different hotels and restaurants, we're sure you'll enjoy your stay with us!

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Enjoy  fellowship & network with other Christian parents! Tickets are $40 apiece. Space is limited, so register today!

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